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Welcome! We will help you get a free account for World of Tanks, which is popular in every corner of the world today. The free World of Tanks, announced in 2009 by Wargaming, a Belarusian company, and offered to players in 2010, has increased its popularity without losing its popularity despite the passage of time.

Based on tanks, a previously untested concept, the World of Tanks game was awarded the “Best New Concept” Award in 2010 with the votes of participants at E3, an annual exhibition in Los Angeles where video games and new technologies are introduced.

Since 2012, the free World of Tanks game, which has also become a category for World Cyber Games, one of the most prestigious E-sports tournaments in the world, has become a platform where more than 140 million players spend fun time today.

How World Of Tanks Game Overtook Its Rivals?

The game, which attracted great attention especially at the 2010 E3 fair after its announcement, was also strengthened by the popularity of tanks that are in the center of attention in computer games. Until the announcement of the World of Tanks game, there were previous productions that featured armored vehicles, but these productions were not very successful in terms of both technique and gameplay, so they could not satisfy the game lovers. World of Tanks has managed to attract the attention of many players in a short time not only with its successful graphics, the interaction of the tanks with the environment, but also with its easy gameplay. Producer Wargaming’s constant updating of the game and adding new content by removing bugs and strengthening the graphics are another factor that increases the popularity of the game.

World of Tanks, which has similar mechanics to online shooting games, which are very popular today, has a system that forces players to team play due to the nature of tanks and battlefields. Since there is no option to return to the game after death as in other games, players must be very careful about their movements during the game. When the different movement, speed capabilities, firepower and range of tanks are added to this, it turns into a strategy game played like the World of Tanks action game.

How to Play World of Tanks

The player takes control of a single armored tank of their option, and is placed right into a fight on a random map. The player has manipulate over the car’s action, firing, and can be in contact with allied gamers and all the different players by way of typed or voice chat. A simple random suit is received both with the aid of destroying all cars on the opposing crew or shooting the opposing workforce’s base through staying in it for long enough without being harm. There are other recreation modes that modify the principles of the fight, but gameplay mechanics stay the equal. World of Tanks includes multiple sport mechanics reminiscent of camouflage, shell ricochets, and module harm.

The gamers in World of Tanks can opt for six principal varieties of battles: random battles, crew-training battles, tank-enterprise battles, workforce battles, stronghold battles and particular battles. Historical battle and Rampage are former options but have considering the fact that been taken down for growth upon its poor reception following its unencumber. Within random battles, gamers may also participate in platoons, groups of two or three gamers who are put into the identical crew. There are also missions to be completed within the game modes for varying quantities of rewards.

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