What is Transformice? – How to play? – Information About Transformice

Transformice is a multiplayer browser game that is developed by two French programmers. The game is fun to play and relax. Your main objective is to earn points by collecting more cheeses than other players. If you want to become a cheese collector in Transformice, you will need an account. Joining the game and playing with other players is easy.

What Game Transformice Is Like?

Transformice is originally a browser game, but you can play it on your computer without using a browser. The game’s rules are very simple to figure out. You start the game as a mouse and try to outrun other mice to get the cheese. The more cheese you get, the more points you earn. There is also a shaman that helps other players to win the game. If you manage to become the first, you start playing as the shaman next round. Apart from the gameplay, there are many cosmetic items that you can customize your mouse with. Overall, the game is relaxing and fun to play at the same time. You just need an account to experience this fun.

How Do You Play Transformice?

To play Transformice is very easy. Its control is easy to memorize and remember. As it is a browser game, you don’t need a high-end PC to run the game. You can play the game on any computer you would like to. You control your mouse with your keyboard. The buttons are not complicated, so you don’t have to worry about confusion. Transformice rules are also fairly simple. You race against many other mice to get the cheese at the end of the course. If you manage to get the cheese, you start playing as the shaman next round. As the shaman, you can help other players to overcome obstacles and win the game.

How to Play Transformice?

The main goal of the game is to take a piece of cheese placed on a map. Arrow keys or WASD keys are used to move, jump and lean in the game. Players must touch the cheese to collect cheese. In order for the player to enter the mouse hole, it is imperative to buy cheese. The number of cheese and mouse holes may vary from map to map. When players enter the slot, points are added to the leaderboard, which is updated in real time. The player who gets first, second or third in the hole gets extra points. The number of cheese collected is saved in the player’s profile. In addition, information such as how many times the player first entered the mouse hole in the profile is also recorded. Each map has two minutes of time, when the time runs out, a new map will be loaded. It also switches to the next map as soon as all mice enter the hole or die. Death adds one point to the scoreboard.

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