What is PUBG Lite? – What are the System Requirements? PUBG Awards

PUBG Lite is a free-to-play video game where you play against real players online. The game is specially developed for low-end PCs. If you have trouble with running the original PUBG on your PC, you can try PUBG lite for free. In case you want to try the game, you need an account to be able to play. With these free PUBG Lite accounts, you can play the game with your friends or other players from all around the world. You don’t have to trouble yourself with creating new accounts. Just pick one from the list and start playing now.

What is PUBG Lite?

There are many battle royale games available, but none of them can surpass the popularity of PUBG. It has millions of active players and the count keeps increasing day by day. The developers released many variations of PUBG in a short time. One of them is PUBG Lite. It is developed for low-end PCs, so it allows people with old systems to enjoy the game. The game works like the original PUBG. You try to win matches by becoming the last man standing among 100 players on an island. You gather weapons and equipment to able to survive. It is completely free to download and play.

How PUBG Lite System Works?

PUBG Lite is similar to the Steam version of the original game. It has the same rules and the same layout system. The only difference is reduced graphics and file size, so the game could be run on low-end PCs. The game matches you with other players from different parts of the world. You start the game by jumping from a plane. Once you land, you start looting your surroundings to find weapons and equipment. You try to survive and defeat other players by killing them. If you manage to survive through the whole game, you win the match and become the last one standing.

PUBG Awards

While nonetheless in early entry, Battlegrounds gained the “first-class Multiplayer game” and was additionally nominated for the classes “game of the 12 months” and “pleasant Ongoing sport” at the recreation Awards 2017. The sport’s nomination for “recreation of the year” created some debate, being the first early entry title to be named for one of the prime enterprise awards. Also, a couple of month earlier than it was launched, the sport received “first-rate Multiplayer recreation” and “pc game of the year” on the 35th Golden Joystick Awards, whereas its different nominations have been for “Studio of the 12 months” (PUBG manufacturer) and “perfect recreation of the yr”. It additionally won the “Breakout game of the year” award at computer Gamer’s end of the 12 months awards, whereas its different nomination used to be for “recreation of the 12 months”. Polygon ranked the sport 2nd on their list of the 50 exceptional games of 2017, and The Verge named it considered one of their 15 best games of 2017, even as enjoyment Weekly ranked it seventh on their “first-rate video games of 2017” record.

Following liberate, Battlegrounds has been nominated and won a couple of enterprise awards, including winning first-class Multiplayer game at the 2017 Golden Joystick Awards and the sport Awards 2017, and excellent action sport on the 2017 D.I.C.E. Awards.

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