What is Mega Service? What is its motto? Mega New Features

Hello everyone. In today’s article, we will give you various information about Mega. Mega, which has been used since 2013 and is one of the most important file sharing and cloud platforms, is now available to countless people in many different regions around the world. Mega, which stands out with the encrypted upload of various files to various servers and the secure hosting service that comes with the application, can be used on many different platforms on various browsers. Let’s take a look at Mega platform, one of the most popular file sharing and cloud platforms.

Its motto; “Bigger, better, faster, safer!” Its founder, Kim Dotcom, said the following about the website; “I wish you like the new Mega. I feel like I am traveling through time”. According to statistics, the site reached 250,000 users on the first day of its establishment.

What is Mega Service?

Mega, which has been with us since 19 January 2013, has taken its place in the current markets as the successor of the Mega Upload application, founded by Kim Dotcom. Mega, a very important file sharing and cloud platform, also provides free data storage up to 50 GB for its users. Mega, which is one of the most established and popular cloud platforms, is used very popularly in Turkey, our country, as well as in many different parts of the world. The Mega service, which can work in synergy with many different websites and allows many different files to be uploaded or downloaded to the cloud, reaches various users in many different parts of the world through a basic membership system.

With Mega, which you can use for all kinds of personal documents, documents, pictures, game recordings, songs, movies and many other personal content, it is possible to access this data easily and quickly at every point of your life.

How to Use Mega Service?

One of the most popular file sharing and cloud platforms today, Mega is a very important service supported by many different websites. Basically, Mega, which has adopted a general membership system, offers its members the opportunity to subscribe free of charge in the form of free Mega accounts. The platform, which demands a fee within the framework of certain standards for users who exceed 50 GB of storage in the future, stands out as one of the most popular cloud-based systems used in many different parts of the world today.

Mega New Features


In February 2013, Dotcom unveiled that Mega could be expanding into e-mail, chat, voice, video, and cell. In December 2014, he printed that his enterprise would “quickly” launch a browser-founded chat provider. In mid-January 2015, Mega launched MegaChat in beta, marketed as a web-founded, encrypted substitute to purposes like Skype and FaceTime.

Browser extension

Mega released a browser plugin extension called MEGA Chrome Extension in 2015. It was once marketed as lowering loading times, making improvements to downloading performance, and strengthening security. Mega additionally launched a browser extension for Firefox.

On 5 September 2018 it was said that the extension on the Chrome web retailer was once compromised through the addition of code designed to steal website credentials and cryptocurrency. The original code on the GitHub page was once no longer affected.

MEGA Logo (PRNewsfoto/Mega Limited)
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