Hotspot Shield International Use – Hotspot Shield Premium Advantages

Hello there! Today, we will talk about Hotspot Shield, one of the best known VPN and VPN services that we have mentioned several times before. Before we talk about Hotspot Shield, we would like to tell you a little bit about VPN and how it works. VPN is short for “Virtual Private Network”. VPN uses existing internet connection. There are different types of VPNs. In addition to VPN connections used to make connections between businesses and government agencies more secure, there are also IP types used to increase the security of personal connections, hide IP addresses, and connect to sites that are normally inaccessible.

With the second type of IP services, it is possible to access sites and contents that originate from abroad and are blocked by site owners from our country. In addition, it prevents unwanted people from detecting it by hiding your IP. Do not immediately think of illegal things here, it is legal to use VPN in our country and in all countries of the world. However, as the connection is routed through other servers, serious speed losses may occur.

Hotspot Shield is one of the most preferred VPN services in the world, which has been in service since 2008. Hotspot Shield, a free service, promises faster and higher quality service with its Premium service. Advantages of Hotspot Shield Premium over free version;

  • Connection speed up to 1 Gigabit,
  • Use on 5 different devices,
  • While the free version allows only 500mb per day, there is no limit in Premium,
  • Antivirus has Malware protection,
  • You can connect to the internet via the server anywhere in the world,
  • You can also use it with Smart TV and router (modem).

When you set the VPN settings on your modem, you can safely connect to the internet from your entire home network without the need to install programs for the devices connected to this modem.

I want to make a warning about VPN services. Because your IP address will constantly change, you may encounter security warnings that your account has been attempted to be stolen when you log into some websites. Also, when you want to play games, you may start to experience lags as your connection speed will decrease. Therefore, we do not recommend using VPN while playing games, in order not to affect your gaming taste.

Hotspot Shield has become more and more popular. One of the most important reasons for this is that people start to fear the internet as a result of fraudulent activities. Another reason Hotspot Shield is popular is the increase in the number of users who want to access prohibited content.

Why Hotspot Shield Not Another Service?

Hotspot Shield is one of the first platforms in the world to offer free VPN service. First of all, applications that only run on the Windows operating system can now run on any device, including Smart TVs. The simplicity of the interface of the program, combined with the quality of service, is of course the first choice of users who want to secure their internet connection without dealing with details or to see content that is not allowed by geographic location.

Hotspot Shield, which has been used for a long time and has proven its reliability in the market, meets all and more of the needs of everyday users, except for institutions and organizations with very special security needs.

Hotspot Shield International use

Hotspot defend has been used to avoid web censorship in nations with strict web censorship programs. During the Arab Spring protests in 2010, protesters used Hotspot safeguard to entry social networking tools to keep in touch and upload videos. Hotspot guard was also extensively used in the course of the Egyptian protests and revolution in 2011, when the Mubarak regime cracked down closely on entry to social media web sites. In 2013, utilization of Hotspot protect accelerated in Turkey, according to the suspected efforts of the Turkish govt to censor social media and citizen entry to international web sites. In 2014, usage of Hotspot safeguard multiplied in Hong Kong after the outbreak of the 2014 Hong Kong protests.

In 2012, Hotspot protect utilization extended amongst Mac users in the united states and Europe, as 500,000 Mac users were contaminated by means of the Flashback virus. Hotspot guard was once used as a safeguard in opposition to the virus.

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