What Is Grammarly? Premium Account Features and Prices

Hello, today we will give you information about Grammarly on our website. Grammarly is one of the most popular spell checking apps of all time and has hundreds of thousands of users on both computers and mobile devices.

Grammarly can be used both as an add-on and as an application. It can be downloaded from mobile stores. It offers limited use for free, but requires additional payment for more advanced skills and controls.

What is Grammarly? What Does It Do?

Grammarly acts like a spell checker. It helps you to check whether you obey grammar rules while writing, whether you are using punctuation correctly, and much more. It doesn’t just control it, it gives you an idea of how to fix it.

With Grammarly, which you can use as your personal writing assistant, grammar checker, and editor, you can check if your work is spelled correctly. You can check your grammar without sending your text to other people and get support to create a perfect text. Grammarly keyboard and trimmer help you patch all your applications clearly, confidently and without errors. Moreover, you can use advanced features such as synonyms with a Grammarly Premium account. Thanks to its advanced features, you can improve your vocabulary and increase your vocabulary. It helps you improve your writing, from words to sentences, from emails to your social media posts.

Can Grammarly Premium Account be Used on Mobile?

Grammarly is on almost every technological device you can write on. Therefore, it can also be used on mobile devices. You can also use the application on your mobile devices with a Grammarly Premium account.

If you are using an Apple mobile device, simply download the Grammarly Keyboard by entering the AppStore store. Likewise, if you have a mobile device with an Android operating system, you must download the Grammarly Keyboard application by entering the Google Play store. It is free to download the application from both stores.

When you download Grammarly on your mobile devices, it works on all other applications. Gmail, Linkedin, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook etc. Grammarly can control all the articles you write in applications and clean your articles from unfortunate mistakes.

You can use the desktop Grammarly application as a browser plug-in. Grammarly can be used as an extension in browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Firefox, Edge. All you have to do is find the Grammarly Keyboard from the browser’s add-on store and add it as an add-on.

Grammarly can also be used as a local application. There is also a native implementation of the platform for both Windows and macOS. If you wish, you can download it and install it on your computers. Therefore, Grammarly can easily work on any website or application and can be used from anywhere.

Grammarly Premium Features and Prices

Although it has a free use feature in the first place, it offers more advanced advantages with Grammarly Premium. Details such as punctuation corrections, suggestion of different words, subject predicate compatibility check are some of what you will have with Grammarly Premium.

When you want to buy, you come across three different payment methods. These are monthly, quarterly and annual payments. Those who want to buy a monthly Grammarly account need to pay $ 29.95, $ 59.94 for three months and $ 139.92 for a year.

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