What is EA Access Code? How Much is the Membership Fee?

There are platforms for game lovers that are gaining popularity all over the world and each game is highly anticipated. One of them is EA. But membership is required to play EA games. EA Access has recently changed its name to EA Play. But most users still know the platform under its old name.

What is EA Access Code?

EA Access code is the code that can be used on EA Games company’s game platform. In fact, there are many game stores such as Xbox Gold, PlayStation Plus, Game Pass, Uplay. On the other hand, game production companies are also in a race to create their own platforms. Some of these have become more popular than others, while some disappear without success.

Especially Epic Store and Steam have managed to become one of the most popular game stores. Although it seems like an advantage for players to have a lot of game store codes and game store alternatives, there is a disadvantage of being unnecessary members of many different stores. However, the producers ignore the audience because of the competition.

EA Games hosts many different productions such as sports, racing and war. The company manages to offer top level games in almost every category it has entered over the years. Naturally, he does not neglect to participate in this race with his own platform. It has a place in a field with rich content, where you can log in with the EA Access code.

EA Access service, which allows using free EA Access code, has been offered to Xbox One by Elektronic Arts. The service functions like a game rental service. Here you can rent the games produced by Elektronic Arts.

Privileges of Free EA Access Code

The system, which you can access with the EA Access code, offers many advantages to the players. One of them is that you have early access to EA’s games that have not yet released. So you can download a game developed by EA but not yet released to the stores to your computer or console 5 days in advance. You can start playing early.

You have the opportunity to experience a game on the page you access with the EA Access code without purchasing it. You can continue playing where you left off, even if you like it or buy it. All these advantages continue without exception. Because EA offers privileges to be able to satisfy its users at the highest level because it offers its games itself.

You can also continue to play EA games that were released years ago on the platform as long as your membership continues. If you shop from the Xbox Store, you get additional discounts on EA games.

In fact, EA Access offers a very different experience. That’s because it gives you access to multiple games with a single subscription instead of buying your purchases based on games. Just as you have the opportunity to listen to unlimited music with a monthly subscription in some music listening applications today, with EA Access, you can access a large number of games for a single monthly fee and play the game you want on the list.

With the EA platform, you can choose games specific to platforms that you can play such as computer, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and smartphones. You can access the FIFA series, Battlefield, Star Wars series and much more with the EA Access code.

EA Access Membership Fee

The Play subscription is priced at $ 4.99 per month and the Play Pro subscription at $ 14.99 per month.

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