How to play Brawl Stars? What are the Tactics of Winning a War?

Hello, in this article, we will give information about the Brawl Stars game that mobile game lovers are very familiar with.

Finnish producer Supercell has previously attracted attention with Clash Royale and other games. Finally, with Brawl Stars, it opened the beta version where a limited number of players had the chance to play for a long time. The game managed to become addictive in a short time with fast and competitive challenges. With different game modes and different characters, the game also offers richness.

How to play Brawl Stars?

The game interface is divided into two parts. You have to use the d-pad area on the left to move your characters. There are keys on the right side of the screen that you can use to shoot. There are two fire modes here. You can press the red button for a smooth shot in these modes, which are normal and super. If you press and hold it once, you will hit the nearest enemy once. If you hold it down, it creates a continuum and you can make multiple enemies your target.

Watch out for your characters’ green health bar and orange bars in the game. From here you can see how many times you can shoot with your gun before reloading.

It is worth mentioning the game’s super shooting mode. This mode is used in combination with the yellow button. It is your strongest attack type and you can use it periodically. The power must be filled. You can target and use this mode manually, and you can also use it automatically. Actually, this is the case for all fire modes. Once you press the button, the closest enemy is automatically fired. When you hold it down, it switches to manual aiming mode and gives you the opportunity to shoot more accurately.

Brawl Stars War Winning Tactics

It is an important detail to act as a group. Unfortunately, most players are losing because they do not pay attention to this. Therefore, you should not forget that Brawl Stars is a team game.

Your main goal in the game should not be to kill more enemies. You have to act according to the game modes. For example, in diamond mode, a diamond appears in the middle of the map and the one who collects the most diamonds wins the game. Therefore, it is very important that you try to stay in the middle of the map. If you try to play by staying on the well edges all the time, you can take control. But if you constantly go after your competitors, you will do it wrong.

After logging into the game, you can distribute the tasks according to the game mode. For example, you can use the tank character as a shield, and let the support character give life to the constant tank character. You can collect diamonds while keeping your enemy busy with the character that deals damage. This distribution of tasks will work in diamond mode, and you can make similar distributions relative to other modes.

During the Brawl Stars game, many of the maps contain things that can cover the area such as walls, boxes, plants. Use them and try to stay safe by cover. Although they can see you behind a wall, they cannot deal damage by shooting. You can be invisible thanks to trees and plants. Thanks to the invisibility, you can proceed more easily and stealthily.

Try not to stay still in the game and not to delay taking action. Even if you don’t go too far, navigate short distances. This will make you a difficult target and keep you alive. Moreover, acting in characters in all modes will give you a plus.

Another important aspect is character recognition. Be sure to get to know the characters in your opponents. Analyze their weaknesses, whether they are injured or not. In this way, you can develop more accurate halos.

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